All About Ratchet Straps

Ratcheting straps commonly referred to as simply ratchet straps or tie downs are specifically designed to hold various loads on trucks, trains, trailers and more. The heavy duty ratchet straps we carry at, utilize extremely strong polyester webbing combined with a metal ratchet to securely, but more importantly safely hold a load in place.

Choosing a Ratchet Strap

When looking for a high quality ratcheting strap, it’s important to first assess the quality of the webbing itself. A high quality ratchet strap will feature webbing constructed from a durable and weather resistant material such as nylon or polyester. However, most heavy duty ratchet straps use polyester webbing. Polyester is not only abrasion and weather resistant, but it’s also relatively inexpensive and for these reasons, it’s our webbing material of choice.

Ratchet straps also feature a variety of hardware, the most important of which is the ratchet buckle. Ratchet buckles work by reducing slack in the webbing and tensioning assembly. The ratcheting mechanism functions in a similar method to that of a socket wrench. When looking to buy ratchet straps, ensure the ratching mechanism is constructed with metal and not plastic, because cheaper plastic ratchet fasteners may not be able to withstand the tension required to securely hold heavier loads.

Using a Ratchet Strap

All ratchet straps should be labeled with their working load limit in order to meet the guidelines set forth by various government agencies. At, we strongly recommend the “working load limit” not exceed 1/3rd of the component and/or ratcheting assemblies breaking strength. Additionally, you should never use a ratchet strap or tie down that shows excessive abrasive wear including broken or worn stitching, holes, tears, melted webbing or any other observable defect. We also recommend inspecting your ratchet straps before each use and replacing any suspect straps or ratcheting assemblies.

If you would like to learn more about the various types of ratchet straps or if you’re interested in bulk ratchet straps, come visit us at

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