Are you using the proper tarp straps?

Tarp Ties

Did you know that there are two main types of tarp straps that are used in the trucking industry.  Although they may appear similar in style, each has its own set of benefits, as well as downfalls.  It is important to make sure that you are choosing the correct tarp strap for your application purposes, as a failure in the strap could prove to be very problematic.

Two Styles of Tarp Straps

There are two styles of tarp straps, EPDM and Natural rubber.  Although both styles are a form of rubber, the differences in their make-up can play a key role in how they should be used.  When choosing a tarp strap, the main thing to consider is the temperature of the location you will be using them.  Weather plays a crucial role in trucking, and it is important to have the proper equipment to handle whatever type of weather you may encounter.  The first style, EPDM, is a type of synthetic rubber that is often favored for use in warmer conditions at it has more elasticity and is able to resist dry rotting which often occurs in the heat.  The second style, Natural rubber tarp straps, are preferred when they are to be used in colder conditions as they handle the lower temperatures and resist breaking better than EPDM straps.  They also have a lower freezing point and will stretch further than EPDM straps.  Both styles of tarp straps are extremely useful and can be used in a variety of situations.  The best method to use when choosing between the two styles of tarp straps is to simply ask yourself, “Where am I going to be using these straps?”  If the answer is in “warm/humid temperatures,” then EPDM straps should be your choice.  If on the other hand your answer is “In cold/winter conditions,” then Natural Rubber straps should be your choice.  Whichever strap you decide on, Cargo Equipment Corporation can supply you.  We have a variety of lengths and packages ranging from single ties to boxes of fifty in both styles.  Unlike many of our competitors, our tarp ties come with a crimped hook that keeps it from sliding out of the rubber strap.  Check out our website and find the right tarp ties for you today!

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