Chain Binders: The Easiest Way To Secure Heavy Equipment!

Why Choose Chain Binders?

In the trucking industry, cargo straps are a commonly used tool of their ability to quickly and easily secure loads for shipping.  In some cases however, the driver may opt to use chain to secure the load rather than a strap.  This is often seen when transporting extremely heavily equipment such as tractors or cars, or when the load has a sharp edge that could cut a strap.  Common chain sizes are 3/8 inch, 5/16 inch, and 1/2 inch. These chains have a breaking strength ranging from 18,000 to 45,200 pounds!

Chains are able to secure loads that would easily snap a cargo strap.

How To Use Chain Binders

One of the main reasons people choose to use straps over chains is the ability to easily ratchet down the strap for a snug hold.  Unfortunately chains do not offer that adjust ability by themselves.

With the use of a chain binder, heavy loads can easily be tightened down to ensure the load does not shift. Chain binders come in two main styles: lever and ratchet.

Lever Type Chain Binder

Ratchet Type Chain Binder

The two styles accomplish the same thing, but do so with slightly different methods.  In both cases, the object is secured as tight as possible using the chain.  The binders are equipped with two hooks, that are then hooked to a single chain or used to attach two chains together.

With the lever binders, the operator then pulls the lever downward which pulls the chain adding tension to the load. The lever is then locked into place to prevent the chain from loosening.

Ratcheting binders work very similar to ratchet straps by allowing the operator to crank the lever, which in turn adds tension to the chain and secures the load.  With the new QuikBinder™ from Cargo Equipment Corporation, the operator can easily switch the direction of the ratchet, allowing them to quickly tighten or loosen the chain.

QuikBinder™ Chain Binder
quik binder

No matter which style binder is used, you are able to add tension to the chain just like when using a cargo strap. 

At Cargo Equipment Corporation, we have a variety of different chain and binder options to choose from as well as transport chains and hardware.

Also check out the EZ Binder with quick acting ratchet design.

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