Choosing a Winch Strap over a Transport Chain

A winch strap is a type of strap that is made out of tie down webbing. The most commonly used types of webbing are polyester. People use a winch strap in place of transport chain because it is light weight and more pliable. The problem with transport chain is that they are heavy and bulky to use. With transport chain there is a chance of back injury. Also, transport chain tend to wedge together, becoming stuck. That is why many trucking companies choose to use winch straps in place of transport chain.

Where Do People Use A Winch?
A winch is attached to a flatbed trailer. Whenever a piece of equipment is meant for moving winch straps are used. Truck driver safety is always the biggest priority on a job site. Over the years, many workers have been injured using transport chains. A winch strap is much easier to extend than a transport chain.

Winch Straps are Easier to Maintain
A winch strap is much easier to maintain than a transport chain. The winch strap can easily be un-spooled so that it can be examined. After examination, the winch strap can simply be spooled back onto the winch. Winch straps are also cheaper than transport chains. That is why winch straps should be replaced if you notice any damage to them. Transport chains are much harder to determine if they need to be replaced. Also, transport chains need to be checked regularly and require other special care that the winch straps do not need.

Transport chains can be difficult to connect to a winch. A winch strap is much easier to attach to the flatbed. Transport chains are much dirtier that winch straps.  As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing a winch strap over a transport chains.


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