Choosing the Right Lifting Slings

There are many different uses for lifting slings and they are available in a wide variety of types. There are polyester and chain lifting slings, both endless or flat, and available with an eye at each end. The reasons for using each type of lifting sling varies depending on what you are lifting. When working on a construction site, lifting slings are often used when large machinery or heavy loads need to be moved to a certain location or height. They are usually connected to a crane or some type of hoist in order to lift objects. If you think that you may need lifting slings, then consider these tips for choosing the right lifting sling for your needs.

Web lifting slings are flat slings that are made using polyester. Despite using polyester, these slings are still rated with a safety factor of 7 to 1. This is the standard safety factor that all lifting slings must pass. Regular slings follow the same standard but use a double ply material to increase the strength. Slings with a double ply are commonly referred to as Duplex. These are the most common types of lifting slings as they have added protection. This makes sense from an insurance standpoint.

Endless round slings have no ends. These lifting slings are measured according to their circumference. Endless round slings are the soft type of sling on the market allowing them to be used for many different purposes. They also provide more lifting power and a better grip. As with other slings, these slings have a blue tag on them that contains their weight limits. Even though endless round slings are soft, they are still very durable and capable of carrying a large load.
Before using lifting slings to move items, make sure that you read the weight limits. You should also know how to properly attach a sling to the vehicle or machine that is going to be doing the lifting. Failure to correctly connect a sling can result in the item being dropped from tall heights, causing damage or injury.

Polyester Lifting Sling

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