How to Convert a Winch Into A Ratcheting Winch

Want a ratcheting winch but currently have a non-ratchet winch?

To convert a winch into a ratcheting winch, make use of Ancra’s SilverCap OverDrive Ratcheting Cap.

How to Convert a Winch into a Ratcheting Winch

This ratcheting cap allows you to easily convert any winch into a ratchet winch. The ratcheting cap fits over the winch, making it fast and easy to use. The added benefit of a ratchet winch is that it is safer. The winch bar stays in the winch until the strap is fully tightened.

To convert your existing manual winch into a ratchet winch with the ratcheting cap:

  1. Simply slide the OverDrive unit over the cap of the old winch
  2. Spin it in place
  3. Secure with bolt

All the parts are included to turn your winch into a ratcheting winch.

how to convert winch to ratcheting winch

Pair the SilverCap OverDrive Ratcheting Cap with ergonomic winch bars to reduce repetitive injuries.

Bolt a ratchet cap on each of your manual winches to save time removing the cap.

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