CVSA’s International Road Check June 2-4

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration (CVSA) has announced that it will host their 28th annual international safety check on June 2-4, 2015.  With the assistance of approximately 10,000 certified local inspectors, they will perform safety checks on trucks and buses across North America.  This is the largest targeted safety enforcement check in the world, with upwards of 15 trucks and buses being inspected every minute across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  The goal of these inspections is to “conduct educational, compliance, and enforcement initiatives towards the various aspects of motor carier, vehicle, driver, and load securement techniques.” (CVSA)  The CVSA decides each year to place a special emphasis on one of these categories, and for 2015 they have chosen Cargo Securement.


While the inspectors check your vehicle to make sure that it complies with all cargo securement rules and regulations, they will educate the proper technique to secure all types of cargo, in an attempt to keep the roadways safe.  Inspectors will, for the most part, be conducting the North American Standard Level I Inspection.  This is the most thorough inspection, that includes examination of both the driver and the vehicle.  Drivers will be asked to provide all of the necessary documents such as license, endorsements, medical cards, and hours of service logs.  The vehicle inspection will include brakes, exhaust, fuel system, lights, and much more.  The goal of this check is to provide a safe environment for everyone using roadways across North America.  Although safety is the goal, there are heavy fines that come along with failure to meet these standards.  Many times a simple violation, will lead to multiple violations as the inspectors continue to look over your vehicle.  All of your ratchet strapswinch straps, and other load securement items must be in proper, functioning condition.  The best preventative method is to make sure you are in compliance with all of these standards ahead of time.  As mentioned, the main goal this year is to inspect cargo securement.  You can find all of your cargo securement needs at and make sure that you can avoid these costly fines!


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