Different Uses of Tie Down Straps

There many different reasons for using tie down straps. Mostly, they are used for securing cargo. The type of tie down straps that you use will depend on the vehicle you are driving and the type of cargo you are transporting. The most commonly used tie down straps are ratchet straps and e track tie downs. E track tie downs are only used in semi-trailers, while ratchet straps are used for any open cargo, such as cargo on a flatbed trailer or in the back of a pickup. Whichever type of tie down straps you need, make sure you fully understand how to use them.

E Track Tie Down Straps
Approximately 80% of trucks on the road pull semi-trailers. The e track tie downs are only used in these types of trailers, making it the most common type of tie down straps. The weight limit for e track tie down straps is a lot less than that of a ratchet strap. E track tie downs are typically rated at a working load limit of 1000 pounds and a breaking strength of 3000 pounds. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used. If you are operating a truck and semi-trailer, then e track tie downs are useful for keeping your cargo in place. A common reason for using e track tie downs is for securing furniture while it is being transported.

Ratchet Tie Down Straps
Ratchet straps are mostly used on flatbed trailers. Since these trailers do not have sturdy sides, cargo that is not secure can easily fall off of the trailer. That is where ratchet tie down straps come in. The 1000 pound working load limit of e track tie downs is surpassed by ratchet straps. There are ratchet straps available that have a working load limit of 16,000 pounds. That is strong enough to secure most loads.

No matter whether you are using e track tie down straps or ratchet straps, know the weight limits of your straps. Also, thoroughly inspect your straps before using them to secure anything. If your straps are damaged in anyway, then do not use them.


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