Forearm Forklifts, a Mover’s Best Friend!

We have all experienced the struggle of lifting a heavy object at some point in our life.  The size, shape, and overall weight of certain objects can make it a very difficult and dangerous job.  Luckily, with the help of the Forearm Forklifts, the once daunting task can now be completed safely and easily.

How the Forearm Forklifts Work

The forearm forklifts encourage proper lifting technique to prevent injuries, while allowing two people to move objects up to 700 pounds!  By using your forearms for leverage, the Forearm Forklifts make the objects feel more than 50% lighter.  Items are lifted only a few inches off the floor to allow easy passage through doorways, while still maintaining ground clearance.  All of this is achieved while keeping the item safe and secure.

How To Use The Forearm Forklifts

The simple design of the Forearm Forklifts allows just about anybody to move heavy objects with ease.  Each set comes with two straps which are placed under the object and then crossed forming an “X” pattern.  The two movers then slide the looped ends of the straps onto their forearms and lift.  The length of the straps allow the movers to keep a straight back and avoid injury.  The straps can easily be adjusted to fit the object, while the forearm padding provides extra comfort.  A person’s forearms are able to carry much more weight than their fingers, allowing people to move objects they normally couldn’t.

Check out the Forearm Forklifts as well as a video demonstration on our website:

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