The WSTDA and Our Affiliation

In the world of tie-downs and web slings, the WSTDA is recognized in North America as a governing body that writes the standards for many of the regulations in place today. Our very own Jeff Iden (President of Cargo Equipment Corporation) has just taken office as the president of the WSTDA. From synthetic sling webbing to ratchet strap threads, the WSTDA works to ensure that each member of the association is producing products that meet the highest standards.  According to their website “The Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA) is the largest non-profit, technical organization dedicated to the safe operation of all synthetic web slings and tie downs. Comprised mostly of sling and tie down manufacturers, WSTDA membership also includes fiber suppliers, weavers, testing companies, government enforcement agencies and other interested parties from countries around the world. WSTDA is recognized internationally, with members from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.”  By establishing the industry standards, the WSTDA hopes to improve the overall quality and safety of the products in their industry. The regulations established by the WSTDA have been adopted by the United States Department of Justice because of these high standards.

What does this mean for our customers?   Jeff Iden brings his years of knowledge and experience with him to work at Cargo Equipment Corp every day, passing it on to our customers, and implementing it into the products that we offer.  Everything that we manufacture and distribute at Cargo Equipment Corporation is built to meet the high standards of the WSTDA with a quality and reliability that cannot be matched.  We are able to build products to meet our customers needs, while assuring them that they will be receiving the highest-quality materials available.When you order from us, you know that you are getting the best.  Check out our website at or give us a call and let us help you find the products you need!

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