How and When to use a Cam Buckle Strap

When should you choose a Cam Buckle Strap?

Many people are familiar with ratchet straps and their usage, especially if you work in the moving and/or trucking industry.  Ratchet straps are often the go-to choice because of their ability to safely secure a wide variety of objects.  The ratchet allows the user to add an extreme amount of tension to the strap which keeps objects in place, but what happens when you are trying to secure a fragile object?  Enter cam buckle straps, the alternative to cargo straps which work to secure objects in place without the danger of over-tightening.  A cam buckle strap has a very simple, yet effective design that allows the user to safely secure an object for transport, and keep from harming its structure.

How Does a Cam Buckle Strap Work?

As stated earlier, a cam buckle is a very simple design that comes in a variety of sizes, which make it useful in a variety of different situations.  Unlike a ratchet strap, a cam buckle strap calls for the user to simply thread the strap through the bottom of the buckle (photo #1), by lifting the trigger (photo #2), and manually adjusting the tension.  When the desired tension is reached, the user simply releases the trigger and the strap is securely held in place (photo #3).  The buckle will allow for the strap to be pulled through to tighten, but secures it from sliding out and loosening.  The cam buckle can be used with either a fixed end or as a bundle/endless loop strap.  Just like with ratchet straps, there are a variety of different end fittings that can be used with a cam buckle.  These straps allow you to easily add tension as desired, but do not provide the excessive force of a ratchet.  They are a common choice for anyone who is securing a light or fragile object because of their inability to over-tension.  Although they are a very effective product, it is recommended that they be used when securing smaller loads as they are not as strong as a ratchet.  Be sure to choose Cargo Equipment Corporation as your source for cam buckle straps (available in a variety of sizes), and all your other cargo needs!

cam2Photo #1

camPhoto #2

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