How does the Hours of Service Rule affect you?

Could the Hours of Service Rule affect you?

At this point, many people are familiar with the new Hours of Service Rule (HOS) established by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).  This new rule sets a firm limit on the number of hours truck drivers are allowed to be behind the wheel in a given week.  Since its enactment date, the HOS rule has received harsh criticism and opposition from truck drivers and trucking companies alike.  Unfortunately, the FMCSA does not appear to be making any moves to accommodate these complaints and no change is expected.  Although the aim of this rule is to improve safety on the roads, it comes with a number of problems.  These problems will not only affect the trucking companies, but also the people who rely on them for transport i.e. almost every American.

As can be expected, trucking companies are continuing to object to these rules, stating that the limit on hours will prevent them from making timely deliveries, which in return will cost them money.  There are a few different ways these costs can be covered, but perhaps the most popular method would be to raise the cost for the shippers.  A recent study shows that this move could prove to be detrimental to the company’s business.  The study goes on to state that nearly 50% of trucking companies polled said that raising their rates is the most viable option to deal with the HOS rule (  According to researchers, rather than raise their rates, the companies should consider improving efficiency instead by creating bigger delivery windows, consolidate shipping, and extending lead time for customers.  One thing is for certain, the trucking industry is interwoven within our economy, and it is important to remember that any changes it faces, could and most likely will, affect us all in the end.

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