How to Properly Use a Transport Chain

Using a transport chain helps ensure that your cargo is secure and safe from falling out of your truck or trailer. Currently, the strongest chain available on the market is a grade 70 chain. This type of transport chain is strong enough to secure most loads. These chains come in a variety of lengths. The length and size of the chains that you purchase depends on the size of your load. When you decide to order a transport chain, keep in mind that shipping cost is based on weight and longer chains are going to be heavier. Once you have received your transport chain, you will need to know how to use it. Improperly using a chain can be just as dangerous as not using a chain at all. Here are some tips for using a transport chain the correct way.

Only use your transport chain for the purpose that it is listed as being manufactured for. This basically means that you should not use your transport chain for lifting purposes. When you add that type of stress to a chain, it could end up breaking and causing damage or injury. Alloy chains are what you should be using for overhead lifting.

Before you use your transport chain, you should thoroughly inspect it. You are looking for any signs of damage or cracking. When there is a weak link, the whole system is in jeopardy. If you find any kind of damage, then it is best to not use that chain. Also, make sure that you have firm footing before tying your load. After your load is secure, you should perform another inspection. This time, check that the transport chain is secure and that all of your vehicle equipment is in order.

When you are traveling, it is a good idea to stop every 50 miles and inspect your load again. If you notice that any of your cargo has shifted, then you will need to remove your transport chain and examine it for damage. After a thorough examination, if you cannot find anything wrong with your chain, attach the chain and secure your load again. Then you should keep a closer eye on your cargo, possibly stopping every 25 miles until you reach your destination.

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