How to Use a Ratchet Strap to Secure Cargo

Whether you are driving a truck pulling a flatbed trailer or a pickup truck, you may end up needing to use a ratchet strapat some point. When you are stacking material on a flatbed or attempting to organize items in the back of your truck, if the items are not secure, you will have to worry about your cargo sliding around. This can be a huge safety hazard. Sliding material can fall out of the trailer or truck and into traffic. Ratchet straps provide you with an easy method of securing cargo so that it does not move around when you are driving.

What is a Ratchet Strap?
A ratchet strap wraps around your cargo, keeping it secure. Ratchet straps come with a metal buckle. This buckle usually has a drum and a crank handle. There are also straps that sometimes have hooks on the end. After you have wrapped the strap around your cargo, the handle is cranked in order to tighten the ratchet strap and secure your items.

Assembling a Ratchet Strap
Depending on who you order your ratchet strap from, the ratchet strap may come still needing to be assembled. In order to assemble the ratchet strap you will need to slide the strap through the metal buckle and then around the drum. Your straps should come with instructions. It is important to correctly set up your ratchet strap so that it does not come apart while you are transporting cargo.

Using a Ratchet Strap
The first thing that you want to do when setting up a ratchet strap is center the metal buckle as close to the middle of the items that you are securing as you can. After you have positioned the metal buckle, the webbing is slid through the drum. While you are pulling the webbing through the drum, it is best to leave about 3 inches of slack between your ratchet strap and your cargo. Now it is time to start tightening the strap by rotating the crank handle. Once the strap is tight, inspect the ratchet strap to make sure that everything is secure.

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