How to Use a Tie Down Strap

Using a tie down strapenables you to secure cargo in the back of your truck. This is important when you are transporting items that are shaped oddly. When items are not secure, you run the risk of losing your load. Items that fall off of your track can end up in the road. This is dangerous for both your cargo and other motorists. That is why you should purchase a tie down strap to secure your cargo. There are many different options when it comes to tie down straps. They are available in types such as ratchet straps, bungee straps, winch straps, and buckle straps. No matter which type of tie down strap you decide to go with, make sure that it is rated to handle the weight of your load.
Inspect Your Tie Down Straps before Using Them
Before you secure your cargo with a tie down strap, it is a good idea to inspect your strap. Look for any cracks or other damage. If your strap appears to be damaged in any way, then you should not use it. A damaged strap can be more dangerous than not using a strap at all. When a tie down strap breaks, the tension that secures the cargo can cause parts of the strap to go flying. These flying parts are capable of causing severe damage or injury.
Use the Correct Tie Down Straps
You need to use the right tie down strap for the type of cargo or vehicle you are using. There are different types of tie down straps for different needs. If you are unsure of what type of tie down strap to purchase, then consult an expert at your local hardware store. Pay attention to the ratings that are provided with the straps. There will be two separate ratings. There is the working load limit and then there is the break strength. The more important rating is the load limit, as this tells you the maximum weight that your load can be before needing a different strap. Once the tie down strap is secure, make sure that you tighten it and then inspect it to ensure that everything is secure.

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