How To use Axle Straps when transporting a vehicle

Why Choose Axle Straps?

When transporting a vehicle, it is extremely important to be sure that it is adequately secured.  Such a heavy load can prove to be quite dangerous, with even the slightest of movement causing a big problem.  The problem with securing a vehicle is that there are very few areas that provide a strong enough mounting point to fully secure it to the trailer. Often times people ignore the safety of their own vehicle when looking for mounting points.  They settle for attaching to the wheels, or even worse, to the plastic of the vehicle which can lead to costly damage and expensive repairs.  With the addition of axle straps, you can avoid possible damage, and the struggle to find a stable mounting point, all with one simple product.

How To Use Axle Straps

Axle straps are deigned for ease of use, and come in a variety of lengths, making them universal to any vehicle.  They are attached to the axle, one of the strongest points on a vehicle, and come with mounting rings to easily hook on any cargo strap.  Simply loop the strap around the axle and hold the two rings together.  Then attach any ratchet strap with a hook (we recommend a snap hook) on the end and tighten it down (Photo #1).  The tension is placed on the axle of the vehicle, rather than the body or wheel, which provides and safe and strong hold.  If possible, cross the straps underneath the vehicle in a “X” pattern to evenly distribute tension, and prevent any side-to-side shifting during transit.  At Cargo Equipment Corporation, we offer a variety of different axle strap lengths to fit any vehicles.  We also have a variety of colors to fit your needs, and each strap comes with a protective sleeve to increase durability (Photo #2).    Check them out on our website today!


photo (6)Photo #1


A1242-42X-PS-2T   Photo #2

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