How To Use Wheelchair Securement Systems

Transporting Disabled Citizens

According to United States Census Bureau, nearly one in five people have some form of disability.  Out of this group, an estimated 1.6 million Americans use a wheelchair, not including those in assisted living institutions.  There are a variety of different vehicles today that are capable of transporting people in wheelchairs, but many of these are not properly equipped with the hardware that should be used to help secure the chair in place. It is important that the occupant be securely fastened, just as it is important for those without disabilities to wear seat belts in vehicles.  There are a few different companies that provide wheelchair securements for both commercial and private use, with the two largest being Q’STRAINT and Sure-Lok.  Both companies provide high-quality, durable equipment that can easily and effectively secure a wheelchair and its occupant inside a vehicle.

How do Wheelchair Securements Work?  

Most handicap accesable vehicles feature some sort of track system, generally on the floor, in the areas that wheelchairs will fit.  Wheelchair securements come in a variety of fittings that are easily snapped into the track around four corners of the chair.  The opposite end features a universal hook that can then be attached to the frame of the wheelchair and provide a sturdy hold.  The straps feature a retracting system that then allows tension to be added on all four mounting points to securely fasten the chair to the floor.  The occupant is then buckled into the chair with a specific wheelchair seat belt, also offered from both companies.  When it is time to unhook, the straps area easily loosened and then retracted back into their casing, which allows the occupant to simply roll the chair out of the designated area.  The wheelchair securements make the process of transporting the disabled a breeze, and provide universal access to any type of wheelchair.  Track systems and wheelchair mounts can be installed on just about any type of vehicle that has the ability to carry a wheelchair, from private vans, to public transportation buses.  At Cargo Equipment Corporation, we carry both major brands of wheelchair securements, in a variety of styles and fittings.  Click the link below to view the wheelchair securements page of our website and see all that we have to offer!



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