L-Track or E-Track?

What is the difference and which should you choose?

In the world of shipping and transportation, there are two main cargo systems that are used in just about every vehicle.  E-Track and L-Track both work to secure a variety of different size loads with ease and versatility.  There are a number of different end fittings and accessories available for both systems, so what makes one better than the other?  The difference is not so much in the effectiveness, but where they are used.  E-Track for example, has been used in the trucking industry for years.  Its easy installation, and ability to secure heavy loads make it the number one choice among truckers.  E-Track allows the user to attach a variety of different fittings and straps up to two inches wide.  For semi trailers, different decking beams and cargo bars can be installed to make the organization and transportation of cargo a breeze.

The other option would be L-Track, which is a relatively newer design and is gaining in popularity among truck drivers and personal users alike.  L-Track (commonly referred to as aircraft track) first became popular in the airline industry as it was used to mount the passenger seats to the floor.  The design allows the seats to be easily moved and arranged, and then bolted down and secured into place.  L-track is now commonly used to equip handicap accessible vehicles as it allows wheelchairs and their passengers to be safely secured.  There are special tie down systems which add to the simplicity of securing a wheelchair.  Brands like Q’Straint and Sure-Lok even make a retractable system that easily attaches the wheelchair to the vehicle.  L-Track is also a main choice for hobbyists who frequently transport motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other vehicles.  Just like E-track, it is easily mounted and provides ample tie-down points, as well as a variety of attachments.  In the end, both E-Track and L-Track have their own advantages, and the choice is ultimately in the users hands.  Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a quality product that will add ease and convenience to your operation.  Be sure to choose Cargo Equipment Corp for all your E-track and L-track needs including fittings, straps, and the track itself.

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