Laclede Chain App Review

Laclede Chain App The Laclede Chain App is free and available from Google Play, AppStore, and Amazon Marketplace. The app is developed from Laclede Chain, “the oldest chain manufacturer in the USA”. Laclede Chain is American owned and operated and goes back a long way: to 1854!

The name Laclede has even earlier origins from the French fur trader Pierre Laclède, who founded St. Louis in 1764. The downtown riverfront area of modern-day St. Louis, Missouri is named Laclede’s Landing in his honor.

“Laclede Chain Manufacturing Company has origins dating back to 1854, making us the oldest domestic chain manufacturer. We started business as a blacksmith shop in St. Louis, Missouri, manufacturing wagon hardware for the wagon trains heading west. Most significantly we produced breast chain, trace chain and anti-spreader chains to support wagons under load. This chain was made, as it is today, from drawn rod or wire, the difference being that it was all formed with a blacksmith’s hammer and individually welded and joined over a hearth and bellows.” – Laclede Chain Manufacturing Co., LLC

The Laclede Chain app focuses on two divisions:

  1. Hardware & Industrial
  2. Traction

Hardware & Industrial

There are three links under this category: Calculators, Information, and Videos. The videos section includes info about the company and products, while the information section covers rigging procedures, handling tips, and a chain wear table.

Most useful is the Calculators link. From here you have four options:

  1. Quick Load Reference
  2. Tie Down Chains
  3. Overhead Lifting
  4. Trailer Chains

Each of these options have specific calculators designated for their purpose. Under the Tie Down Chains calculator you can determine how many chains you would need based on the weight you are hauling and the size of the chains.

Tie Down Chain Calculator    Tie Down Chain Calculator


Traction Chains   Choose Your Tire Size

The Traction section is essentially a quick way to find the size of tire chains you need for either a passenger, truck, or tractor & equipment. You choose your tire size and then can go directly to the website for more information.

Perhaps even more useful are the links to the installation videos, showing how to properly install the Laclede chains on your vehicle.

This Laclede Chain app review is based on version 1.4.2. It is only 10.50 MB to download and runs pretty fast and smooth. A few of the external links in the transport area took a bit longer to load, but the information is detailed and inclusive.

Please note: the app as of this post was last updated on Mar 21, 2013.

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