New Building Progress

New Building Progress

Cargo Equipment Corporation is currently in the process of building a new facility more than double the size of their current location.  This upgrade has become a necessity as the continued rise in business has caused the company to outgrow our current location.  The new facility is custom built to meet the exact needs of Cargo Equipment Corp, and to make the manufacturing and distribution of products more efficient.  The increase in efficiency will be passed on to our customers as orders will be able to be processed and shipped at greater speeds.

The new building will have a number of different features including drive-in dock doors, a customer show room, and an on-site testing facility to ensure all of our products meet and exceed the industry standards.  With this move, we will be adding to both our front-office and manufacturing staff in order to keep up with the increasing demand.  With the added space, we will be looking into possible ways to expand our product line as well.  With construction expected to be done before Thanksgiving, we hope to be all moved into our new facility by the end of November.  The prime location, just off I-90 and Rt. 47 makes us easier than ever to find.  Be sure to stop in and say hello while browsing our new showroom!




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