Protect Your Cargo With Corner Protectors

Have you ever had this problem transporting cargo?



Prevent this type of damage with Corner Protectors!

Many times when transporting cargo, the same tools you use to secure it, can also damage the product.  This is often the case when shipping square items such as boxes or pallets.  The tension needed to secure the load can sometimes be more than the box can handle, causing the strap to dig in and crush the cargo.  Obviously, the strap cannot be loosened or the load would slide.  Corner protectors are the perfect solution to this problem.  Also known as edge protectors, corner guards, or Veeboards, these products are a common sight in the trucking industry.  Made from crack resistant polyurethane, corner protectors easily fit over the edge of any square object and distribute the pressure that is caused by the tightening of the strap.

The added benefit of corner protectors is the fact that they protect your straps as well. Often times the edge of the cargo can be sharp, which has the potential to cut and fray the strap.  Any defect in the strap greatly lowers its durability and dramatically decreases the weight that it is able to safely secure. Corner protectors can be used on a variety of loads ranging from small shipments of boxes on a pallet, to an oversize load on a flatbed truck. The simple design of a corner protector makes it an easy and effective way to protect your shipment.  The protector is placed over the edge of the object, and the strap is then tightened down over the top, providing a secure hold with no damage. (see Photo #1)  At Cargo Equipment Corporation, we carry a variety of different edge protectors, as well as corner protectors that are used to keep an object corner from tearing through a tarp.  In the end, these simple additions are a cost friendly way to ensure that your cargo is protected.  Check out our website to see all of the different options we offer.

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