Self-Driving Trucks – What Does it Mean for Cargo Control?

Self-Driving trucks are not a futuristic, far-away dream. They are already a reality, and this new reality could drastically affect the trucking industry and cargo control itself.

Self-Driving Trucks and What it Means to Cargo Control

Recently, Budweiser made
headlines for the “first delivery” using Otto’s self-driving truck technology on a Volvo VNL. The truck drove on a 120-mile stretch of interstate, needing a real-life driver to enter the interstate and finish the delivery to the final destination. But this marks a huge leap in a technology that is only going to improve.

And expectations are that this technology will expand at a faster rate than the similar equipment being used for cars. According to

“Self-driving cars have been getting a lot of attention lately: Uber’s self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh, Tesla’s semi-autonomous Model S and the driverless Google rides that look like a cross between a Cozy Coupe and a golf cart. But quietly and without much fanfare, researchers and entrepreneurs are working on self-driving trucks — big rigs, tractor trailers.”

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One response to “Self-Driving Trucks – What Does it Mean for Cargo Control?”

  1. austin says:

    I’m sorry but self-driving semi truck just sounds scary. I know it will become a thing in the future, but that could be dangerous, right? Nice post though, I actually haven’t thought about self-driving truck but I guess it’s inevitable.

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