The Benefits of Retread Tires

Are Retreaded tires the right choice for you?

Retreading tires is a very common, yet heavily debated procedure in the trucking industry. Although the process is beneficial to both the environment, and the operator’s checkbook, many truck drivers still have their doubts.  There are three main arguments against the use of retread tires.

The first and foremost is safety for both the trucker and the other drivers on the road; and the belief that retread tires are less safe than a new set. According to studies, retread tires are equally as safe as a new set, and perform at the same speeds, carrying near identical loads.  In fact, retread tires are used on a daily basis by school buses, fire trucks, taxi cabs, and more.  Many of  today’s commercial and military planes use retread tires as well.

The second common argument against the use of retread tires is their durability.  Many people believe that retread tires are not as durable as original tread tires.  There is a common misconception that the rubber that you see on the side of the road is the result of a blown out retread.  This however is untrue, as industry studies show that the primary causes of tire debris on the road are overheating from under-inflation, and overloading. These failures can happen regardless if the tire is an original or retread.

The final discussion point, and often the most important, is Value.  Many trucking fleets/owners believe that although original tread tires are more expensive, they are a better deal than a retreaded tire.  After considering the durability, safety, and longevity of retread tires, it is hard to argue against their value.  The information on retread tires is abundant, and their popularity continues to grow.

Environmental Impact

With all of the positives associated with retread tires, perhaps the most important is the ability to recycle tires.  Previously, millions of tires have been thrown away, burned, or dumped each year which results in an unhealthy environment for us all.  Recently there has been a change and nearly 89% of all tires are recycled which allows them to not only be retreaded, but to be used in a variety of other applications as well.  Playground surfaces, artificial turf athletic fields, and even fuel are just a few examples of the benefits of recycled tires.  When you add it all up, retread tires can be a great choice for trucking companies both big and small.  Be sure to keep this information in mind when it comes time to purchase new tires for your vehicles.

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