The importance of the Trucking Industry this holiday season

With Christmas fast approaching, it seems everyone is frantically trying to make all their last minute purchases.  In a society that expects everything immediately, many people struggle with waiting for their goods to arrive.  They often overlook the process that a single item goes through to reach its destination, and the people that are behind the scenes making sure it arrives safely.  The truck driving industry is a key component to this delivery, and a moving force behind our country’s economy.

A recent study done by the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of labor statistics, shows that the trucking industry was responsible for the transportation of $10 trillion of the country’s $13.6 in freight in 2012.  Trucks also carried 70 percent of the total tonnage throughout 2012.  The for-hire trucking industry was responsible for carrying 6.6 trillion of that total, which was just over 48%.  These statistics were part of a study done every five years called the Commodity Flow Survey.  One of the most intriguing facts from the survey was that in 2012, more than half of the total tonnage moved in the United States went less than 50 miles!  This information is a great illustration of how important the trucking industry is to our economy.  The men and women of the trucking industry are hardworking individuals and an essential part of the economy.  Be sure to remember them this holiday season.

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