The Many Uses of Safety Flags

There are many different reasons to use safety flags. Some of these uses include being able to alert people when you are in trouble, tag a truck that has a wide load, and identify vehicles. The type of vehicle you are using may require safety flags in certain situations. In order to make sure that you are not ticketed for not using a safety flag, read these reasons for using safety flags and the vehicles that they are needed on.

Commercial Vehicles
There are times when a commercial vehicle is required to have safety flags. The most common reason for safety flags on commercial vehicles is when they are carrying a wide load. The Department of Transportation can ticket drivers that do not have the proper safety flags indicating that they are transporting an oversized load. The measurements for what is considered a wide load are as follows: If the load extends more than four inches over the sides or more than four feet past the end of the vehicle, then it is considered a wide load. The placement of the safety flags may depend on the size of the load and other factors. Before heading out on the road with an oversized load, contact your local Department of Transportation to find out the specifics about safety flag use.

Off Road Vehicles for Business
Many industrial businesses have specialty vehicles. These vehicles are usually required to have safety flags that make it easier to identify the vehicle. These flags are normally attached to the top of a Flagstaff. This makes it easier to see the vehicle when it is whipping around a corner. There are even lighted safety flags for increased safety during the night time.

Recreational Off Road Vehicles
Most states require off road vehicles to have safety flags. For example, in California off road vehicles need to have a safety whip that is at least eight feet tall and has a red or orange safety flag on the top. These rules will vary from state to state. That is why you should consult your local Department of Transportation before taking your off road vehicle out for a spin.

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