The Usefulness of Qstraint Wheelchair Tie Downs

Qstraint wheelchair tie downs are used to secure a wheelchair inside a vehicle. These tie downs can be used inside of buses, vans, and other vehicles. They are designed to be able to hold just about any type of wheelchair, scooter, or power chair that is currently available on the market. These tie downs are fairly easy to attach and provide a lot of support. If you transport someone that uses a wheelchair, then consider these reasons for why you should use Qstraint wheelchair tie downs.

Using a Wheelchair Tie Down
Using Qstraint wheelchair tie downs is not very difficult. After the tie downs have been attached inside the vehicle all that is required is hooking the straps to the wheelchair. The strap from the tie down hooks to the wheelchair and is then tightened so that the chair is as secure as possible. If you need help attaching the tie downs or strapping in a wheelchair, then take a look at the instruction manual that came with the Qstraint wheelchair tie downs.

Qstraint Makes Quality Products
All of the Qstraint wheelchair tie downs that Qstraint makes are of the highest quality. Qstraint makes sure that all of their products pass rigorous inspections. These tests let them determine whether the tie downs should go out to the public. This results in tie downs that you know will work. As with all of their products, Qstraint wheelchair tie downs provide strength, quality, and reliability.

Most Qstraint wheelchair tie downs come with a set of features. These include belts, instructions, and a manufacturer’s warranty. The belts that come with these tie downs include two rear belts, two front belts, one lap belt, and a shoulder belt. The lap belt functions just like a regular vehicle safety belt. The rest of the belts secure various parts of the wheelchair. The instructions provide drivers with instructions on how to properly secure a wheelchair using the belts. There is even an adhesive label containing basic instructions so that anybody driving the vehicle can easily figure out how to connect the wheelchair tie downs.


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