Truck Safety

Cargo Equipment Corporation, a quality supplier of truck tie downs since 1962 is proud to showcase their line of truck safety products including oversize load signs, flip placard, traffic cones, safety flags and mesh vests.  These products not only help to keep truck drivers safe, but other motorists and equipment too.

The logistics of transporting equipment for your business is a crucial element of success. Utilizing flatbed vehicles to move various products and equipment from one work-site to another allows projects to run smoothly and on schedule. However, using flatbed trucks to transport materials without the proper safety equipment can actually become a liability for your company. Attempting to transport heavy-duty loads without the proper truck safety products can lead to disastrous results. Should large-scale equipment come loose on the highway, there is an immediate danger to the driver and the other cars on the road. And this is why Cargo Equipment Corp is on your side by offering these crucial safety products.  By being prepared you can protect your drivers, other motorists and your company from potential disasters.

Truck safety equipment is crucial even when the truck is not in motion. In the event that a flatbed experiences a breakdown, the driver must warn other motorists of the obstacle. In many cases, the driver may not be able to pull the vehicle completely off of the road. They must warn the other cars on the road of the necessity to merge into the opposite lane. Neon orange pylons and red safety flags must be placed along the highway in the area in which the vehicle is experiencing difficulties. Equipping your drivers with the right flatbed safety supplies from Cargo Equipment ensures that your products will make it to their destinations safely and securely.

About Cargo Equipment Corporation:

Cargo Equipment Corporation has been a manufacturer of custom tie down solutions since 1962 and offers a wide range of products to move products and equipment safely from point to point.  With your company and products in mind will happily supply you with a made to order solution. That is, if you cannot already find what you are looking for in their wide selection of truck safety products.  Whether it is for the safety of your products, the people around you or your drivers, you can rest assured that everything you care about will make it to its intended destination safely and securely.

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