Types of Cargo Tracks

Types of Cargo Tracks: E-Track, A-Track & L-Track

The transportation industry is one with many variables and risks that are completely out of your hands. Traffic, weather and customer demands are always subject to change, so it is essential that the most important aspect of any job is not left to chance, safety. Whether you are responsible for moving the contents of a house, transportation of wheelchair bound individuals or you are hauling dirt bikes to the mountains you will need to use the appropriate equipment to ensure the safety of the cargo and those you encounter during transport. Cargoequipmentcorp.com’s wide selection of inventory and experience in securing cargo is sure to provide a safe and stress free passage for all.

Depending on the vehicle being used and the cargo being transported, Cargoequipmentcorp.com’s complete line of E, A and L Track’s provide the safest and most secure attachment points available. Securing cargo to an enclosed trailer allows for the most flexibility when designing a cargo control system. Using Cargoequipmentcorp.com’s E and A tracks in an enclosed environment you are able to mount both E and A tracks to the walls and floor of the trailer in both a vertical or horizontal configuration. With fuel prices constantly fluctuating and the need to efficiently use space, the ability to retrofit your trailer with horizontal or vertical tracks allows for creative attachment configurations. Cargoequipmentcorp.com’s inventory of E track and A tracks are made of steel and are extremely strong with a variety of fittings suitable for your custom requirements.

When space is at a premium and you cannot sacrifice strength look no further than Cargoequipmentcorp.com’s L Track designs for securing your important cargo. L Track, commonly referred to as airline track, is a narrow and adjustable cargo restraint mount that is primarily used in pickup trucks, vans and small trailers. These aluminum crafted tracks come in 3 different styles, recessed, flanged and angled mount to provide the best solution for your cargo transportation needs. L Track’s have quickly become the track of choice when securing wheelchairs and seats to vans and trucks due to their mounting flexibility, various styles offered and lightweight aluminum composition. The L Track compatible fittings allow for creative setups and easy installations into your current transportation fleet.

Cargoequipmentcorp.com’s selection of E, A and L Tracks are the safest and most durable cargo restraint components available. Choosing the right track and fittings is paramount when it comes to moving cargo safely and efficiently. Look no further than Cargoequipmentcorp.com for your next cargo control purchase.


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