Wheelchair Accessibility Now Showing on Google Maps

google-maps-53-535x535Google Maps has recently started including information if a location is wheelchair accessible. With approximately 2.2 million people in the US dependent on a wheelchair, this is an add-on that is long overdue.

Unfortunately, this information relies on user input, so not every place has the information (even if it is indeed accessible). All new buildings are required to be accessible, but older structures (prior to 1990) have less strict regulations. But as more data is added via crowdsourcing, this feature will become more beneficial.

This simple new Google feature is a great step forward in furthering accessibility on the web. And cyberspace is definitely lacking for those with disabilities.

“A 2012 study indicates that most public library websites still do not comply with the accessibility standards required of government-funded institutions. The situation is worse among commercial websites. Less than 5 percent of online shopping sites meet the needs of people with disabilities…” The Christian Science Monitor

This new Google Map attribute will also be useful for anyone with limited mobility or with any medical condition that makes stair climbing difficult.

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