Wheelchair Securements from Cargo Equipment Corporation

Wheelchair Securements from Cargo Equipment Corp

Did you know that Cargo Equipment Corporation, known for their ratchet straps, lifting slings, and cargo supplies, is also a leading provider of wheelchair securement systems? At Cargo Equipment, we offer the two most popular brands in the wheelchair transport industry. Q’Straint and Sure-Lok are the industry leaders and provide high-quality products that make the job of transporting a wheelchair as easy as possible.  With a variety of different securement options from manual to automatic, we carry the products you need.  Not only do we offer the restraints, but we also have all the necessary mounting track and accessories to complete the installation.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can walk you through the process of choosing the set-up that is right for you.

No matter which form of wheelchair restraint you choose, it will need to attach to the floor in some way.  There are three main options to choose from when it comes to mounting the securements to the floor: L-Track, A-Track, and Slide N’ Click.  Each option allows the user to simply snap the securement into place, and remove it when necessary.  The L-track and A-track options require the user to mount the track to the floor, which then gives the straps a place to lock in.  Slide N’ Click kits use a single “puck” like fitting that is also mounted to the floor to provide an anchor point.  Automatic retracting wheelchair restraints are one of our most popular items and allow the user to easily and efficiently secure a wheelchair for transport.  The securements are attached to the track, and come equipped with a retracting hook that locks and secures the wheelchair in place. They are extremely user-friendly and a favorite in the wheelchair transportation industry. Whatever type of securement you may need, be sure to check out our website at www.cargoequipmentcorp.com to see our entire product line!

A Track Horizontal - FE702-01Q Straint Wheelchair Tie Down - Q-8301-A

L-Track and E-Track                                                           Automatic Retractors

           Q Straint Wheelchair Tie Down - M-201-L30

Slide N’ Click                                                                              Manual Securements

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