Why Everyone Should Own Tow Straps

With the winter months fast approaching, the road conditions will continue to become more and more dangerous.  The combination of rain, snow, and ice makes traveling during the winter months extremely hazardous.  In many cases, safe driving is simply not enough and people find themselves stuck on the side of the road with no way of getting back.

Tow straps are a simple, cost friendly, and efficient way to get your vehicle back on the road in the event of a spin.  Perhaps the main benefit of tow straps, is the fact that they are universal.  A tow strap can easily be attached to just about any vehicle on the road today, from a two-seat convertible to a four wheel drive pickup truck. This inexpensive item can save you hundreds of dollars in towing and recovery costs.


Used correctly, a tow strap can be the saving grace that is able to pull you back to the road.  Used incorrectly, a tow strap can cause costly damage to your vehicle.  Most cars on the road today are equipped with a solid mounting point that is attached to the frame of the car.  This is the place that a tow strap should be attached.  In no situation should a tow strap ever be attached to anything other than a solid steel hook or mount as the force could easily cause damage.  Many newer cars are equipped with plastic squares in their bumper that can be removed to provide access to a mounting point (See Photo #1).  Most pick-up trucks have steel hooks in the front and/or back where the tow strap can easily be attached (See Photo #2).  Attach one end of the strap to the secure mount on the vehicle to be towed, and the other to the mount of the vehicle that will do the towing. Both vehicles should be manned at all times.  Once secure, begin by slowly moving the towing vehicle forward until there is no slack in the strap.  Continue to slowly pull until the vehicle has reached a place it has traction.  Be sure to never use abrupt movements or try to get a “running start” with the pull.  When used correctly, tow straps provide a very safe and effective way to move another vehicle.  Tow straps are able to pull a vehicle for a short distance, it is not recommended that they be used at high speeds.  Get your tow straps today from Cargo Equipment Corporation!  http://www.cargoequipmentcorp.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=tow+straps&Submit=Search

photo 1

Photo #1

photo 2

Photo #2


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