Why You Should Get Wheelchair Tie Downs

Wheelchair tie downsare a great way to secure a wheelchair into a vehicle without having to purchase a modified vehicle. Being in a wheelchair is already a difficult burden to bear. Getting in and out of vehicles can be very challenging as well. Additionally, if a wheelchair is not secure, then the disabled person can be thrown around. This can lead to significant damage or injury. If you or someone you know is confined to a wheelchair, then purchasing wheelchair tie downs may help. Here is an overview of how wheelchair tie downs can help you.

Wheelchair Tie Downs are Easy to Install
Installing wheelchair tie downs in a vehicle is relatively simple. The straps are attached to the inside of the vehicle, following the instructions that come with the kit. They can be set up to allow the wheelchair bound passenger to face either the front or back of the motor vehicle; though, the passenger should never be set in a sideways position. The straps are attached to the vehicle through various mounts and harnesses. These harnesses use tension to keep the wheelchair in place.
Once the wheelchair is loaded into the vehicle, the straps are used to secure the wheelchair into place. The final strap that is used is the lap belt which buckles across the passenger’s lap just like a regular safety belt. Installing these straps is not complicated; your set of straps should come with instructions on how to install the wheelchair tie downs.

Secure Your Passenger
The straps that make up wheelchair tie downs are very sturdy. These heavy duty straps are designed to be able to keep the wheelchair from sliding around while the vehicle is in motion. After you have strapped your passenger into the wheelchair tie downs, make sure that all of the straps are secure. Give each strap a slight tug to ensure they are safely attached.

Before purchasing wheelchair tie downs, shop around and compare different brands. You should also read customer reviews of these various brands to ensure the safety of your passenger.

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